Kalarippayat -  the Indian Martial Art from Kerala, India

Kalarippayat, the martial art for boys and girls, as well as adults, male and female

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Children-Training Basel: Saturday 9:00 a.m.    Lyonstrasse 14A    4053 Basel (Dreispitz) more info

Adult-Training in Basel: Saturday 10:30 a.m.    Lyonstrasse 14A   4053 Basel (Dreispitz) more info

All Ages in Basel: Wednesday 7:15 p.m. Güterstrasse 145 4053 Basel (Gundeli) more info


Kalarippayat or Kalari is considered to be one of the oldest fighting system in existence. Scholars often refer to Kalaripayattu as the "mother of all martial arts". It developed at the junction of the indigeneous Dravidian culture of Southern India and the Vedic culture that migrated from the north.

However, kalari ist more than just a martial art. Kalari training influences and develops the whole personality of the student: it builds up physical strength, flexibility, endurance, patience, inner calm mindfulness. Students learn to control anger and aggression, because body, mind and breath are balanced by the training. The ultimate goal of the practise ist that the body becomes all eyes.Fighting technique is very diverse in kalari: Quick movements, simultaneous attackand defense techniques, aswell as the coordinated use of hands and legs: blows, blocks, pushes, kicks, jumps.

Because of its unique concept, kalari ist a good choice für males and females, adults and kids.

Weapon training in Kalarippayat

longstick                                          short stick                                                dagger                                          longstick

Training in small groups

"Every body has its own beauty!"  (E.P. Vasudeva Gurukal)

Click on the link below and you will see a lot of kalari training videos.