"Kalarippayat is more than just another type of sport or martial art. Kalari is an attitude, a school for life."

Trainer and Gurukal

Trainer in Basel und Zurich

Owner Lehmann Kalari Basel und Zürich

Jürgen Lehmann

born 1957

Socialworker and Educator


since 2007 student of Gurukal Rajesh Chirackal and authorised  by him to teach Kalarippayat

Trainer in Zurich

Sophie Oltivanyi


since 2009 student of Gurukal Rajesh Chirackal und authorised by him to teach Kalarippayat

our gurukal (teacher)

Rajesh Chirackal

born in Kerala, South India. At the age of 14 years, he started his training with E.P. Vasudeva Gurukkal, one of the most famous Kalarippayat teachers of his times.

By the intense training, now he is expert of the martial art kalarippayat was well as the related healing art kalari chikitsa.

From 2007 - 2020 he taught kalarippayt in Zurich. Now he moved back to Kerala. At his Kalari training and treatment center near Kochi, you can get ayurvedic and kalari treatments, you also can train here kalarippayat on a short and long term basis in an authentic surrouding. For more information: www.chirackalkalari.com